Wednesday, January 4, 2012

50 really useful android tips and tricks

50 really useful android tips and tricks

A few examples from Techradar: hit the link for the full story.

1. Activate the Android Power Strip
The single most important feature in Android 2.1 is its built-in power strip widget. Here, you're able to quickly disconnect all the phone's battery-destroying features, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the Great Batter Killer that is GPS. Long-press on the screen and install it via the widgets category.

2. Android call screening
If you're a paranoid call-screener, Android is there for you. Open up the Contacts listing of the person you're currently avoiding, then select Menu > Options. From here you're able to ping all incoming calls from this person directly to voicemail. Give people the brush off with Android.

3. Set up custom caller ringtones
Alternatively, if you like talking to people, the same screen lets you allocate a specific custom ringtone to each caller stored in your Contacts directory.

4. Add your alarm clock to your task killer
A classic mistake, this. We're constantly being told of the (debatable) importance of using a task manager to maximise Android battery life, and if you want to go down that route you're welcome. However, when killing all your tasks to save battery life, remember that your alarm clock is a task in itself - kill that and you'll wake up in a panic at 10.15am tomorrow morning.

5. Organize things into folders
While Steve Jobs may have recently made quite a big deal about letting iOS users organise things into folders, Android's been doing that for ages. Fancy a quick Home screen shortcut to your starred favourite contacts? Long-press the Home screen and make it so.

6. Rename Android folders
And, once you've done that, to customise things to perfection it's possible to rename folders. Simply open the folder, then long-press on its name in the top bar to bring up the Top Secret renaming field.

Ice cream sandwich features

Ice Cream Sandwich new features:

  • Screens can now span the entire device. Home, Back, Menu and Search buttons are now soft buttons
  • Swipe to the right to throw stuff away and delete them, ex: recently opened applications and notifications
  • Zoom-able calendar
  • Take screenshot by holding power and volume down buttons
  • Voice-mail in call log. You can speed up or slow down voice mail too
  • Sync people info, including High Res pictures, from social networks
  • Login using your face. Camera detects real faces to prevent logging in using a photograph
  • Touch (or throw?) to beam webpages, contacts and directions using NFC
  • New semi-circular HD optimized font: Roboto
  • Pan your camera to capture single motion panoramic photos, no more stitching
  • Edit photos after capture and stylize them using filters
  • Type with your voice, no more translation waiting
  • Reject an incoming call, but with a custom message
  • Set data usage restrictions and prevent overages on carriers with limits
  • New GMail that lets you swipe through new messages
  • No more long press, woot.


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